Fifth-grader uses birthday as opportunity to help animals

Lansing Middle School fifth-grader, BaiLee Abbott has always loved animals and when the 10-year-old celebrated her last birthday she decided that it was a perfect opportunity to help animals in the community.

Lansing Middle School fifth-grader, BaiLee Abbott has always loved animals and when the 10-year-old celebrated her last birthday she decided that it was a perfect opportunity to help animals in the community.
She asked her birthday party guests to bring money to the celebration instead of gifts so that she could buy pet food for the Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society’s pet food pantry.
“I thought of the idea when I saw animals that were sick and hungry on the street when walking with my Oma and I wanted to help,” says BaiLee.
When she found out that guests had donated $1,000 for pet food at her birthday party, BaiLee said she felt very happy and thankful. “I think people should donate time and money to help people and animals because when you need help it will be there, because you helped other people so now they can help you when you need it.”

The birthday party idea was just one of many selfless acts that BaiLee practices. Each Saturday she goes to Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society’s free Pet Food Pantry and donates her own money and buys food for the pantry. “I have been doing this since I first found out that I could,” says BaiLee. “I wanted to help and I was super happy that I could do it.“
BaiLee’s love and empathy for animals have been lifelong traits and she surrounds herself at home with a pig, three dogs, two cats and fish. She loves to play with them and particularly likes cuddling with them and being the recipient of their love. She believes that pets help people to be kinder.
She has talked to her friends and family about the importance of volunteering and helping in some way in the community.

BaiLee’s mom, Ronda, said BaiLee has always had a love for animals, but it has grown in the last two years.
“BaiLee is a stick-to-it kind of girl and when she gets something in her mind, she does it. We are very impressed that she’s such an amazing little lady. BaiLee has always been a helper since she could walk, when she sees a need, she finds a solution.
“Her teachers tell us she helps other students when she’s done. She even helps her big brother when he doesn’t get his chores done. She loves to teach and help and is always giving her knowledge to others.“
Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society Shelter Volunteer Coordinator, Carol Turner, came up with the LAWS Pet Food Pantry in 2017 after seeing two boxers, Hank and Tori, found emaciated and unconscious in an alley on Pottawatomie Street.

“The program is to help people currently out of work, or those on Social Security, etc., says Carol. “There are many good intentioned pet owners that just fall on hard times – that is the target group we want to help.“
In BaiLee’s free time she loves playing volleyball, but that is balanced with equal amounts of time playing with her dogs.
She loves school and particularly likes English and language arts. “My teachers and classmates are all very helpful and kind,” says BaiLee.
When BaiLee chooses a profession she hopes to work with all types of animals, especially sick ones, at a clinic or a shelter.

Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society member, Don Brown, who also owns Kansas Country Store, says BaiLee has been a customer at Kansas Country Store for quite some time.
“She comes in with her grandmother nearly every weekend to shop and visit,” says Don. “It is always nice to see them. When Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society started the Free Pet Food Pantry program, BaiLee and her grandmother began to purchase and donate pet food for this cause. BaiLee came in one special Saturday and began bringing large bags of pet food and cases of canned dog and cat food to the counter. I didn’t know at the time, but BaiLee had organized her own birthday party into a fundraiser for the Pet Food Pantry, with amazing results. Since that very generous donation, she has continued on a regular basis to donate pet food. BaiLee has also become one of our most dedicated volunteers. She has been helping at every free pantry event in the last several months. The other LAWS volunteers are amazed at her commitment and hard work. BaiLee gives of her time and money to help people and their pets. We at LAWS are humbled by her willingness and determination to help with our program. LAWS has been blessed this year with several young people who, on their own, organized fundraisers to benefit some of LAWS programs.
“It is very gratifying to see so many young people that truly care about the pet community that LAWS watches over.”

BaiLee thinks Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society does an amazing job with their work helping animals and people. “I hope that we all volunteer and help people and animals at some point or another. I want this cause to go on for a long time. I want to keep helping and I hope other people will help too.”

Date: 20 july 2018
Source: http://www.leavenworthtimes.com/news/20180720/fifth-grader-uses-birthday-as-opportunity-to-help-animals