First Vegan to Scale Mt.Everest Supports the #NoMilkChallenge

Did you know that humans are the only species on the planet that not only drink milk all our lives but also from drink milk from different animals? Most animals are weaned off their own milk once they mature and don’t require it any longer.

Isn’t it strange then that we’ve built this myth about milk – that it is required for a healthy human body?

Busting the Myth

FIAPO knows better, as do we. Milk is simply inhumane and the cruelty surpasses even the most avid dairy lover. The #DONTGETMILKED campaign began last year with a video that aims to educate people about the truth regarding the dairy industry.

We are fed blatant lies about milk being healthy and important for consumption. #DontGe Milked asks a simple question of how milk of one animal can be healthy for the consumption of another? In the last decade, there has been a tremendous shift in how cattle are perceived. They have become mere milking machine but we are not shown the real picture of how the animals are abused” says Varda Mehrotra, Director, FIAPO. If you don’t believe it, have a look at their video here.

Now joining the ranks of this campaign is Kuntal Joisher. If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve been living under a rock. Joisher was the first, yes the FIRST, vegan to scale Mt. Everest. How fantastic is that! He’s no stranger to adversity and believes in compassion for all. His contribution to the campaign bolsters the fact that, in order to be healthy and adventurous, you don’t require milk.
I am delighted to be a part of the campaign because I want to let people know that physical strength and stamina has nothing to do with consumption of milk. My diet constitutes of only plant based cruelty-free food and I have been able to survive and climb mountains based on it!” says Mr. Joisher and we agree which is why everyone (including the non-vegans) at the office at VeganFirst.com has taken up the #NoMilkMondays challenge.
The #NoMilkMonday Challenge

Giving up dairy is probably the hardest thing when one is transitioning to being a vegan, but why not start with just one day. Within no time you realise just how easy it is to be dairy free. The #NoMilkMondays challenge likbe any, is super fun and we urge you to challenge all your friends.

For all those die-hard chai and coffee addicts, a simple and delicious substitution to creamer is coconut milk, try it today, you won’t be disappointed. The good folks at FIAPO and us here at Vegan First love to see your non-dairy achievements, so remember to tag #nomilkmonday (on FB and Instagram), whenever you’ve got a super recipe or heartfelt story. If it’s fantastic we will feature it here!

Date: 18 Nov 2017