Gang stealing cows for illegal slaughter

NAVI MUMBAI: A Kharghar based animal activist, Shailesh Khotkar, has lodged a police complaint, saying four cows from his shelter were stolen earlier this week. The activist has also demanded that the police and municipal authorities must take action against certain gangs who inject drugs into the cattle to make them unconscious so that they can be easily carried away only to be illegally sold for slaughter.
“Just 10 days ago, volunteers of Pujya Gowalkar Guruji Charitable Trust had come across two bovines which were lying unconscious on the road. The animals had been injected with a drug. I feel the same technique has also been used to steal four of my cows from near sector 1, Kharghar. One of the stolen cows was also pregnant at the time,’’ said Khotkar.
While the Kharghar police said that they were looking into the matter, an FIR has been lodged under section 379 (theft) of the IPC.
In a recent RTI query, Khotkar had also asked Cidco as to what was the status of grazing land in Kharghar node since the survival of sheltered cows, buffaloes and bullocks in the region depend on the grass grown in such grazing lands. The activist was shocked to get a reply from Cidco saying no grazing land was currently available in Kharghar due to development activities.

“We are facing multiple problems while trying to take care of the vulnerable bovines. The least that Cidco or the Panvel municipal corporation can do is to ensure that any remaining grazing land on the border of Kharghar and Belapur nodes or near the creek is secured for animal welfare activities,’’ said Khotkar.

Date: 3 nov 2018
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/navi-mumbai/gang-stealing-cows-for-illegal-slaughter/articleshow/66482142.cms