Glow collars for stray animals to alert drivers

However, getting hold of stray animals, specially bulls, to make them wear the collar, is not easy.” The 19th livestock census report (released in 2012-13) showed that UP is home to 10 lakh stray cattle and 41 lakh stray dogs. The number would have risen by now. Ghazamfar Jafri, who is a part of the campaign in Bahraich, said: “Glow collars are useful in winter. LUCKNOW: In a bid to check road accidents caused by stray animals, several districts in the state have started use of radium reflector collars that glow in the dark and caution drivers. While Etawah took the lead and adopted the measure in the first week of October, Siddhartnagar and Bahraich are the latest additions. When compared with the total number of deaths in the same period, it was seen that 5% of fatal road accidents in UP were caused by stray animals. Compared with the findings of PGI Chandigarh researchers, the problem of accidents caused by stray animals in UP is five times bigger than in the rest of India. Considering the population of stray animals in UP, it is not surprising.

Date: 05 dec 2018
Source: https://www.nyoooz.com/news/lucknow/1272038/glow-collars-for-stray-animals-to-alert-drivers/