‘Good news’ means separation for Kamatibaug hippos

VADODARA: Chunnu and Dimpy – the pair of hippopotamuses in the Kamatibaug zoo – will soon be separated for quite some time. The zoo administration has decided to do so to ensure that Dimpy who is pregnant delivers safely and the baby is not harmed by Chunnu.
The pair of hippos had given birth to a baby even in April this year, but the new born was found dead. It came to light later that it may have been killed by the male hippopotamus. In wake of the incident, it has now been decided that Dimpy will be separated from Chunnu for the next few months.

The zoo officials have started making a temporary separate enclosure for Dimpy. A small water tank is also being made in the temporary enclosure for the female hippo. It will remain there till the baby hippopotamus is vulnerable and not at least a couple of months old.

“It is a common tendency of male hippopotamuses to kill their own baby. To prevent this from happening again, we will be keeping Dimpy separately for at least two months,” said zoo curator Pratyush Patankar.

Patankar said that the female hippopotamus had already become dominant as it may want to protect its offspring. Dimpy is expected to deliver a baby towards the end of this month. The temporary enclosure will be ready by the third week and she will be shifted there.

The new enclosure has been created in a way that Dimpy and the baby remain visible to visitors at the zoo. Patankar said that as per the new norms, the enclosures have to be designed in such a way that animals that are expecting to deliver a baby are separated. The new enclosures coming up at Kamatibaug will ensure that this happens.

Date: 08 Jan 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/vadodara/good-news-means-separation-for-kamatibaug-hippos/articleshow/67428242.cms