Good samaritan tends to injured animals in Hyderabad

Malkajgiri:  Here is a businessman who spends at least Rs 25,000 from his pocket to get injured animals and birds treated. He runs an automobile workshop, but the animal lovers has a passion for rescuing the animals and birds and got himself engaged in the activity for the past 10 years with the support from his wife and two sons.

Siva Prakash, 45, a resident of Defence Colony here rescues all injured animals and birds and provides them with aid and ensures that they are properly rehabilitated. He built a huge enclosure for birds on his rooftop for their treatment. He would free them once they are cured on his roof sprinkling some bird feed. His mobile number figured prominently among the phone numbers of many animal welfare organizations. Siva who does the service because of the compassion for the birds and animals learnt about how to take care of these species since his father was a forest officer

He recalled, “A lot of birds are referred to my care with broken wings because of electrification and dehydration. I provide food daily on my rooftop and leave water mixed with de-worming syrup and antibiotics to treat seasonal diseases.” He also takes care of cows, dogs and cats that are injured at night because of hit-and-run incidents. He spends at least Rs 25000 every month on medicines and disposables to treat the stray animals and birds.

 He leaves water mixed with Electral powder and glucose as birds suffer from dehydration during summer. He arranges for de-worming of birds, which suffer viral infections during rainy season. He also administers antibiotics to them to treat them for their infections. He advises that the cattle, sheep and goats should be vaccinated against the foot and mouth disease. Similarly, the dogs must be given a vaccine to prevent spreading of rabies.

BY V Srinivasa Swamy

Date: 18-July-2018