HDMC plans to set up a shelter for stray dogs

HUBBALLI: To put an end to the menace of stray dogs Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) is planning to provide a shelter for stray dogs.
HDMC’s health department has made plans to set up a shelter along with two ABC (Animal Birth Control) units to sterilize stray dogs. The shelter will be set up at a garbage yard on the outskirts of Hubballi on one acre of land. The facility will have a separate enclosure for ferocious dogs. The shelter can accommodate 1,000 stray dogs at a time.

Recently, a team of officials in the health department and members of the health standing committee visited Hyderabad to study a dogs’ park created there for pet dogs. Later they decided to set up the dog shelter to help curb the stray dog menace.

Now, HDMC is conducting the ABC program to control the menace and is spending Rs 980 on each dog. As per the new plan, stray dogs that are sterilized will be taken to the shelter instead of being free at the same place where they were picked up from.

Dr. Ravi Saligoudar of HDMC’s veterinary department said the health standing committee was serious about curbing the stray dog’s menace. “Hence we are preparing a plan to set up a dog shelter initially along with two ABC units,” he added.

“We have also got a positive response from the HDMC Commissioner when we sought one-acre land at the garbage dump yard on Karwar Road to set up the shelter. HDMC will get funds from the Animal Welfare Board of India to run this facility,” said Saligoudar.

Dr. Poornima Sankangoudar, president of People for Animal’s Hubballi unit, said that idea to set up a shelter for dogs was good. “But practically, it’s very difficult to execute it. Importance to the life of dogs needs to be given. HDMC should involve NGOs working for animals in this task,” she added.

Date: 25 Jan 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hubballi/hdmc-plans-to-set-up-a-shelter-for-stray-dogs/articleshow/67678587.cms