Hingonia is the Tip of the Iceberg: National Agency reveals Atrocious treatment of Cows all over Rajasthan

DSC_0158Jaipur (9th August, 16): In the wake of the deaths of over 500 cows at the Hingonia Bovine Animal Rehabilitation Centre, findings from an investigation by The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation’s (FIAPO) reveal unparalleled cruelty and inhumane treatment of cows across the state of Rajasthan confirming that the condition of cattle at Hingonia is not an isolated incident.

Rampant cruelty towards animals is still a common sight at Hingonia, but despite the Chief Minister’s reassurances, the cows of Rajasthan continue to face deplorable conditions. Hingonia is not the only place to face such a situation. The investigation in 49 dairies across four cities in Rajasthan unravels shocking findings – illegal sale of calves for slaughter, the use of banned and illegal drugs such as Oxytocin; lack of basic infrastructure, inadequate food and veterinary care for cattle were a common occurrence across all dairies investigated.

FIAPO also verified an overpopulated centre at Hingonia with close to 15,000 cattle with space for only 10,000, underfed cattle, inadequate veterinary staff resulting in delayed treatment, lack of rain proof and proper fencing to protect the animal from weather elements, and street dogs and crows feeding on sick, alive cattle.

The rising death pool points to the gross ill-treatment of the dairy cattle. FIAPO had earlier shared the findings with Prabhu Lal Saini, the Minister of Agriculture, asking for implementation of law and of a code for standard welfare of dairy cattle –however, no action has been taken so far. It is shocking that these are the conditions of the only state which has a cow ministry in the country.

Varda Mehrotra, Director, FIAPO said “Hingonia is not an isolated incident but a reality of the present day dairy industry. This is a wake-up call to how we are really treating cows in Rajasthan. After extensive research and consultation with international experts, FIAPO has made recommendations for best practices for the welfare of cattle. Based on the appalling conditions that we are finding cows across all establishments in Rajasthan, we are asking for this to be urgently implemented to safeguard cattle and ensure their care in gaushalas and dairies. The Government must stand by its promises and take action immediately.”

Help save hundreds of lives by signing the petition to #EndIntensiveDairies – http://www.fiapo.org/end-intensive-dairies-petition/