How ending meat will be a good beginning for the climate

MUMBAI: The End of Meat, a groundbreaking documentary film envisioning a future without any meat consumption, was showcased in the city, after being premiered in other international destinations like New York, Berlin among others. “The documentary by filmmaker Marc Pierschel goes beyond the issue of animal cruelty involved in meat consumption. It shows how the world can be without those vast animal rearing farms, and how the end of meat consumption can also eradicate world hunger besides slowing down global warming,” said the event organizer Meghana Rajanahally.

She elaborated that the animal rearing farms are also eating into the forests, thereby leading to loss of green cover.

There was an interactive Q&A session following the documentary with the panel comprising activists like of Humane Society International, India, Dr. Nandita Shah of Sharan India, Varun Deshpande of The Good Food Institute and from Pune, to answer the questions on the subject.

The documentary revealed the hidden impact of meat consumption; explored the opportunities and benefits of a shift to a more compassionate diet and raised critical questions about the future role of animals in our society. “Filmmaker Marc Pierschel embarks on a journey to discover how the environment, the animals and ourselves will be affected once meat eating ends. The film also features Esther, the wonder Pig, who became an internet phenomenon,” said vegan activist Anand Siva.

It was attended by supporters in the vegan movement in India including Sadaa Sayed, Rohan Hingorani, Vinita Contractor and Anand Siva. The screening was done in collaboration with the Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group and was supported national and international organisations such as Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), Mercy for Animals India, Sharan India, Animal Equality India, Humane Society International India, PETA India, Vegan First, Vegfund and Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy (CEVA).

Date: 09 dec 2018
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/how-ending-meat-will-be-a-good-beginning-for-the-climate/articleshow/67013860.cms