Hundreds of animals sacrificed at Sulia Yatra

Much to the dismay of animal lovers, killing of hundreds of animals once again continued at the Sulia Yatra at Khairguda village in the district this year on Tuesday. Buffaloes, sheep, goats, hens, and birds were sacrificed by the tribal devotees.

Notably, to propitiate the presiding deity, the devotees throng the Khairguda village of Kultapada panchayat under the Tusura police station of the district on the second Tuesday of Pousa month every year with hens and goats for sacrifice.

The devotees believe that offering the blood of animals and birds to Sulia, their traditional deity brings good harvest resulting in prosperity and happiness to their families and the community as a whole, said a tribal leader  Satyanaryan Bhoi.

“This year as the administration has put on no restrictions on the killing of animals, people and devotees from the district and outside offered hens, goat, sheep and even buffaloes to the Goddess,” added Bhoi.

“We were suffering from various diseases. We prayed to goddess Sulia and recovered from it and hence I am taking a buffalo to offer it to the Goddess, said a devotee J Meher of Athagaon village.

“Five platoons of police were deployed to maintain land order at Sulia Yatra. Moreover, we are also taking steps to curb the incident of pickpocketing and other untoward incidents during the occasion,” said Balangir SDPO KS Naik.

Date: 09 Jan 2019
Source: https://www.dailypioneer.com/2019/state-editions/hundreds-of-animals-sacrificed-at-sulia-yatra.html