Hyderabad holds workshop to kick start work to regulate meat shops

Hyderabad: Thousands of animals counting their last breaths in cramped hot battery cages in the meat shops and slaughterhouses now have a new silver lining. People of Hyderabad are up in arms against the illegal slaughter of animals.
Citizens and activists came together to discuss and train on various laws governing slaughter and on how to work with the government authorities to end illegal slaughter. The workshop was organised by FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation) under their campaign “Stop Slaughter Cruelty”

Director of FIAPO, Varda Mehrotra said, “The workshop was able to gather the citizens and has initiated a spark of ownership amongst them to address the issues of illegal slaughter in city.

The complaints submitted against illegal meat shops in Hyderabad will aid in raising involvement from local Municipal Corporation and Department of Food and Safety.”

Under the prevailing rules, animals can’t be slaughtered except in the recognized or licensed slaughterhouses. No animal which is pregnant or has an offspring less than six months or has not been certified by a veterinary doctor that it is in a fit condition can be slaughtered.

The Slaughterhouse rules (2001) under Prevention to Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 , the Food safety and standards regulation 2010 , BIS standards , Pollution control norms and Municipal rules for registration were found being violated in many local meat shops.

Some of these violations, for instance, running a meat shop without food safety registration is a punishable offence with an imprisonment for six months and fine up to five lakh rupees.

Date: 12-May-2018
Source:  http://www.eenaduindia.com/states/south/telangana/2018/05/12161537/Hyderabad-holds-workshop-to-kick-start-work-to-regulate.vpf