IIT-M withdraws circular on allowing pets neat hostel campus

Chennai, Oct 16 (UNI) Can dog feeders be allowed in the sprawling IIT-Madras premises. First, IIT M said no and after the intervention of the Animal Welfare Board of India, which has pointed out the guidelines in this regard, the country’s premier institution has withdrawn the circular.
The Brahmaputra hostel in IIT-M campus has withdrawn its warning notice against dog feeders inside its premises. Following an appeal from animal protection organization to withdraw the
circular prohibiting residents to keep pet animal inside the hostel premises, the IIT-M has withdrawn it.
A circular was issued by ‘Brahmaputra Hostel’ office management at IIT-M that if any resident was found bringing pets, including dogs or cats along with him to the hostel premises and feeding them inside the hostel would be seriously viewed.
“The concerned resident, who tries to ignore the rule will be penalized with Rs 10,000 as fine amount. In addition to that, he will be expelled from the hostel and all the facilities extended to him would be withdrawn”, Dr. A K B Chand, warden, Brahmaputra Hostel at IIT-M said in the circular.
Terming as irrational, the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation (FIAPO), the animal rights group, in its letter to warden council at IIT-M, pointed out that prohibition and penalizing the residents of fine and expelling them from the hostel for keeping pet animals said it was unjustified and was not in consonance with the existing laws of the land.
Quoting an article 51(A) of the Consitution and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, the FIAPO said none other than the government could frame any bye-laws, regulation or circulars, which were not in consonance with the existing State or Central laws. “Therefore, such imposition prohibiting bringing dogs, cats or any kind of pet animals were totally illegal and were causing unnecessary harassment to the residents who were compassionate towards them and that might tantamount to criminal intimidation under section 503 of the IPC, it said

It also and asked the IIT-M official concerned to withdraw the circular prohibiting the keeping of pets at the hostel as it violated the existing laws. FIAPO also cautioned that it will be constrained to take legal action against the IIt-M for issuing the circular by the hostel warden.
Following, FIAPO notice, hostel warden Chand, in a circular said that, in his earlier circular has been withdrawn.

Date: 16 oct 2018
Source: http://www.uniindia.com/~/iit-m-withdraws-circular-on-allowing-pets-neat-hostel-campus/States/news/1380945.html

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