‘Indian breed dogs can be equally good pets as pedigree dogs’

BHUBANESWAR: Indian breed of dogs are equally good in looks, skills and as a companion like any other pedigree dogs, but we have never promoted or groomed them, said Yashodhara Hemchandra, the only woman Kennel Club of India (KCI) international judge. She was in the city to judge All Breed Championship organised by Orissa Kennel Club in Bhubaneswar.

 “Indian breed dogs can also become excellent pets. I am sure many Indian breeds have the intelligent enough to be trained as gun dogs, hunters, and they are beautiful to look at. I judged a speciality show where 250 Mudhol hound dogs participated,” said Yashodhara, a noted dog-breeder, pet stylist and pet behaviour consultant and entrepreneur.

She said, the craze for pedigree dogs is so high because these dogs are bred for a purpose for centuries now. “The concept of keeping pets has changed in India. People are ready to spend thousands for grooming and good looks of their pets. I introduced the concept of personal grooming and good looking pets in India and people started paying me for the same,” she said.
She owns Yashbans, one of the most popular kennels of India and has also set up India’s first ever professional pet grooming parlour and spa, a pet grooming school, and a specialized pet logistics company under the banner of Fuzzy Wuzzy.
She said, there is a need for more awareness among people about ethical breeding through dog shows, workshops and seminars. She also underlined the need for introducing a chapter on ‘pet care or love for animals’ in school curriculum. “Each household should have a pet and in schools there should be one period on pet care or love for animals every week. Having a pet makes a child more compassionate, affectionate and they become more sensitive towards nature and animals,” she said adding “I am an animal lover since my childhood and used to raise stray animals at my terrace. Eventually I made my passion as my profession.”
Date:11 Dec 2017