Indore Municipal Corpn’ raids meat shops, slaughter houses; shuts down those found violating

Acting on consistent complaints against meat shops and slaughter houses, the Indore municipal corporation acted and closed down many such shops for range of violations.

The shops were mostly closed in Bombay Bazaar and Chandan Nagar area of the municipal limits.

Acting under the leadership of health officer Uttam Yadav of municipal corporation, the staffers raided many butcher shops between October 22-28 and uncovered violations including that of food safety act.

Municipal officials informed that the action followed over two dozen complaints in September month along from animal rights activists.

They insisted that butcher shops operating must be in compliance of the laws of the land and the owner needs to have proper licenses and permissions.

Varda Mehrotra, a leading animal rights activist, noted that various other factors such as how many animals may be killed in a day, whether the animal being killed in pregnant or has baby within three months of age must also be considered before slaughter.

Animals not well must also not be killed as it may create health issues for the consumers.


Date: 8 Nov 2017