INFOCUS: Society for Animal Welfare

Society for Animal Welfare- SAW is an animal welfare organisation dedicated to caring for animals. SAW provides immediate care to those animals that are sick, injured or abandoned on the streets. SAW was founded by Sri. Ramesh Babu in the year 1996, who believes that animals also deserve love, help and care. Ahimsa is our tradition and to extend this to all creations is what makes us a worthy race.

The Kindness Club

The Kindness Club is a humane education program for children ages 7-12, held at Khammam Headquarters. The program is designed for children who love pets and have the desire to learn more about the care of animals. In addition to lessons on responsible pet ownership, children learn about caring for infant animals, basic obedience training, veterinary care for animals, and more. The goal of Kindness Club is to help the next generation learn what they can do to make their homes and communities a better place for companion animals.

Stray Dog vaccination programme

SAW has taken up stray dog vaccination programme in Khammam District with the co operation of animal husbandry and panchayat raj department.As many as 1000 stray dogs were vaccinated during a drive launched by us in the first phase of our annual programme for vaccinating stray animals.

Training programme on animal Handling

SAW’s two day Animal Handling and Behaviour focuses upon handling cats and dogs during the vaccination procedure. This includes catching and restraining the animal; moving the animal to a vehicle; transporting to a designated facility; and discharging the animal into the care of an animal shelter. They focus on maximising human safety and animal welfare throughout the course.

Zoonosis day

SAW observed 6th July as Zoonosis day and celebrated this event with free vaccination programme. SAW has set up 3 vaccination centres in the district and vaccinated around 600 pet dogs against rabies.

Water Bowl project:

SAW has also started the water trough project. Around 500 bowls have been placed under this programme in Khammam district alone. The idea is to ensure that birds and animals have easy access to a water source. Though the project is an ongoing initiative, they hope more people come forward during April and May. This is the time that the city’s temperatures are at their peak.

Shelters for rescued animals:

SAW Animal Shelter rescues abused and neglected dogs and cats and rehabilitates them mentally & physically in order to place them with the best new family. The organisation rescues dogs from high ‘kill’ shelters, pounds and various animal control facilities in which they are usually listed as strays, and almost always scheduled to be euthanized. The best possible veterinary care is always given to those at Animal House Shelter.


SAW is committed to developing a positive and proactive approach to building adoption programs at the local level. We partner with other animal welfare organizations to help support their efforts in finding lifelong, loving homes for homeless pets.More than 1000 pets find new homes each year through the SAW Adoption Centers located in Khammam.

SAW also provides space to approved Adoption Partners in the adoption centers.

Animal Birth Control (ABC):

SAWs vital contribution towards the society and community has been the propagation of the control of the population of stray dogs in a humane manner. This has been achieved by the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme and the Anti-Rabies Vaccination (ARV). SAW takes on the responsibility of conducting regular check-ups of animals released after ABC-AR. The organisation conducts the largest number of sterilisations and vaccination against rabies of stray dogs in Khammam District.

Apart from the above mentioned projects, SAW also operates animal hospitals 365 days a year. Like all their other activities, the hospital services are totally free of charge. Only owners who bring their pets for vaccinations are charged the cost of the vaccine.

SAW works to prevent commercial exploitation of threatened and endangered species of wildlife by fighting poachers, smugglers, and dishonest animal dealers.

SAW animal welfare officer checks on cases of animal cruelty and we put in tremendous effort to bring about a change in human awareness and perception of an animal’s physical and emotional needs.

Please visit their website to support their work, or to just give them a pat on the back. http://www.sawindia.org/about-us.html