Inhumane transporting of animals

Dear Editor,

Once again, I am bringing to the attention of Government authorities the unforgiveable abuse to Guyana’s wildlife; as related to me by a Facebook friend. This friend was riding in a car with his uncle, returning to Georgetown from Soesdyke. Upon reaching Land of Canaan they saw 2 cars (one white, one red), parked at the side of the road with their trunks open.

My friend (a devoted animal lover) saw animals in a cage and decided to stop.  They passed the two cars and pulled over in front of the second car. My friend got out with his cellphone camera on video. He sensed something was wrong when the men appeared very nervous. He videoed the scene and has pictures showing 3 men and one child. One trunk had several small cages with frightened capuchin & squirrel monkeys. Laying on the ground alongside the road was a flour bag with dead monkeys. One of the men is a known wildlife trader who traps/buys birds, parrots and monkeys for profit.

Were these men guilty of committing a crime in Guyana? Maybe not if they had the required licences and were receiving/delivering to a legal wildlife dealer.

Were these men guilty of committing a moral crime against Guyana’s wildlife. Most definitely! They were transporting these animals inhumanely in cramped space without water and it appears that several monkeys died in transport.

At the minimum, perhaps a review of our wildlife laws for handling and transporting wildlife in Guyana is in order! The mentioned video has been forwarded to the Wildlife Division.

Date: 23 july 2018
Source: https://www.stabroeknews.com/2018/opinion/letters/07/23/inhumane-transporting-of-animals/