Jaipur Food Safety Department to Crack Down on Illegal Meat Shops

Jaipur, 3rd June 2017: Thousands of animals suffering in meat shops and slaughterhouses in Jaipur have a new ray of hope, as the Jaipur Food Safety Commissionerhas promised to work with the Jaipur Municipal Corporation to curb illegal meat shops in the city. Following the complaints by Jaipur Federation of Animal Protection Organisations (J-FAPO), the Food Safety Department will be taking action to curb unlicensed meat shops.

During a meeting with the Food Safety Commissioner of Jaipur, it was recognized that no meat shop in Jaipur has the mandatory license from the food safety department. Mr. V.K. Mathur, Commissioner FSSAI Rajasthan, has agreed to lead the regulatory process of these illegal establishments by involving the Nagar Nigam and police as well. A joint team comprising the 3 bodies is likely to be formed soon.

J-FAPO, the network of 7 animal rights organisations in the city, has been addressing the issue of illegal housing and killing of animals with their End Slaughter Cruelty campaign since 2015. In a meeting between J-FAPO and the Food Safety Department at C scheme this Wednesday (31st May, 2017), the federation highlighted the violations of the Food Safety Act and guidelines by meat shops across the city. They appealed to the department to take immediate action on the same, which was met with a positive response. The meeting was attended by:

 V.K. Mathur- Commissioner FSSAI Rajasthan
 Aditya Atreya- Additional Director
 Narrotam Sharma- Chief Medical Health Officer -Jaipur-1
 Pravin Aswal- Chief Medical Health Officer- Jaipur-2

Mr. Mathur also assured that citizen’s complaints on the matter will be taken seriously and action will be initiated against erring meat shops. At present, killing of any animal is prohibited in any place other than the designated slaughterhouse in Chainpura. However, illegal slaughter of animals continues to take place in the city with Hasanpura, Malpura Gate, Amrapali/Karni Place, Ajmeri Gate, Shashri Nagar, Ramganj, Ghat Gate, Transport Nagar, Amaa Garh and Jhotwara being hubs of such activities.

Abhishek Singh, coordinator of J-FAPO, said “We are immensely encouraged by the response of the food safety department today. Our campaign to End Slaughter Cruelty in the city has been active since 2015 when we had got the Nagar Nigam to shut down some illegal meat shops. However, they have sprung back up, due to lack of vigilance. Now with the involvement of all government bodies involved, we are hopeful that the action taken will be permanent”.

Mr. Mathur, while recognizing the need to create awareness among the masses about unhygienic meat, expressed that he did not have budget for the same. J-FAPO will now pitch in and work with local RWAs and citizen’s clubs to create widespread awareness. Laaj Jain, coordinator of J-FAPO, added “We urge the citizens of Jaipur to be proactive and recognize the cruelty and danger of unhygienic meat. We have observed and recorded that many shops keep dead and alive chickens together in the same cage. While some birds have their feet cut off while still alive. J-FAPO appeals to them to report any such illegal shops to the food safety department on their helpline at- 1800112100”.

Citizens can also complain on the Whatsapp Number- 9868686868, or reach them on twitter- twitter- @fssaiindia, Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/fssai/ or their mobile app- http://bit.ly/2qIjcIT.

Date : 3 June 2017