Jallikattu, Kambala? Yes, the Animal Rights Community Won Hands Down!

The animal rights movement is entering a new phase of maturity in the country, with the current explosion of popular sentiment against the government’s right to legislate our behavior towards ‘owned’ animals.This moment in history represents a high point in the animal rights movement. That animals have rights—as an issue which must be defined by law—is a conceptual victory. It will be perpetually debated, and as we progress as an international culture opposed to violence and dedicated to protecting the rights of the vulnerable, we will gradually see the installation of interpretations that serve animal justice rather than human caprice.
Thanks to the work of animal rights activists around the world, animal justice is on the docket.So, let us animal rights activists not interpret this day as a setback. It is not.It is the result of successes that people are coming to terms with their philosophy that the human race should not be curtailed by the government in its treatment of animals. They are thinking about it. It is no longer possible to ignore it as an issue as if we are simply born in a universe that assumes cruelty. It must be a choice. Some people want to protect that choice but recognizing that it is a choice rather than a necessity is progress. Know more here: http://www.fiapo.org/newsandevents/tradition-culture-or-cruelty/