Join The First-Ever Vegan India Conference On July 6th And 7th

India is one of the world’s largest vegetarian economies… and, as people are making a conscious move towards veganism and a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s time to get disruptive and spread the message on a larger scale. The Vegan India Conference aims to be at the forefront of that change.


Vegan First and the World Vegan Organization are proud to announce the launch edition of the Vegan India Conference. The conference will bring together industry experts, scientists, business owners and change-makers in the vegan world.

When And Where

July 6th and 7th, the Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi

On The Agenda

The VIC is the largest vegan B2B networking event in the country and aims to bridge the gap between consumers, activists, brands and innovators. How? With in-depth panel discussions, inspiring talks, film screenings and plenary sessions. The second day of the event is dedicated to classroom-style workshops with global mentors and experts.

Learn from the experts on topics ranging from branding, investment and supply chain management to health, activism, advocacy, and creating powerful media for social change.

Speakers and mentors include:

  • Seth Tibbot, founder, Tofurky
  • Keegan Kuhn, filmmaker, Cowspiracy & What The Health
  • Dr. Susianto Tseng, President, WVO
  • Dr. Zeeshan Ali, Program Specialist, PCRM
  • Flavia D’Erasmo, Program Manager, CEVA
  • Dr. Manilal, CEO, PETA India
  • Jessika Ava, Grants Program Director, ProVeg International
  • Vardha Mehrotra, Executive Director, FIAPO
  • Francesco Pignatti, Vegan Ironman

Brands in attendance:

  • WVO
  • VegVoyages
  • Vegan India Expo
  • Good Dot
  • Tofurky
  • VegVoyages
  • Mohanji Foundation
  • White Cub Dairy-Free Ice Creams
  • PETA India

In partnership with the Vegan India Expo, VIC will focus on raising awareness about veganism and fostering the growth of the vegan ecosystem in India. It offers brands, organizations and attendees B2B and B2C networking opportunities, outreach opportunities, a chance to interact with vegans and the vegan-curious directly, as well as a platform to showcase products and services.

The Conference, By Numbers

16+ speakers

10+ talks and panel discussions

20+ workshops

150+ international delegates

250+ companies

10+ institutions

Who Should Attend?

The conference promises a concentrated gathering of local and international visitors including:

  • Industry representatives
  • Scientists
  • Entrepreneurs and investors
  • Politicians and policymakers
  • International stakeholders in the food industry
  • Activists and students
  • Media personalities

Are You An Aspiring Vegan Entrepreneur Or Business?

Get a chance to:

  • Foster business growth with institutional orders
  • Meet thought-leaders in the plant-based movement in India and globally
  • Meet industry-level experts from retail, supply chain, impact investment along with VIPs, influencers and celebrities

Register Today!

Entry is at cost price

  • Early bird pricing INR 2600 (till April 20th)
  • Regular pricing INR 3600

This covers your entry to the event, along with lunch and two high-teas on each day. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the biggest event the Indian vegan community has seen – REGISTER TODAY! 

Date: 11 April 2019
Source: https://www.veganfirst.com/article/join-the-first-ever-vegan-india-conference-on-july-6th-and-7th-