KSA bans 8 practices deemed harmful to animals

RIYADH: The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has banned a series of practices under new animal cruelty laws.

The ban is based on the GCC Animal Welfare Act endorsed by Saudi Arabia, and was approved in Royal Decree No. (M / 44).

It includes a list of restricted practices that are prohibited except for justified medical reasons.

And another list of practices that are absolutely prohibited under any circumstances.

Director General Dr. Ali Al-Duwairj, from the Health and Veterinary Control department, said in statements quoted by the Saudi Press Agency that the banned practices include tail docking, ear cropping, clawing of all animals, debarking, dehorning, and chemical castration.

He also said another list prohibits practices such as coloring and dyeing animals, injecting human cosmetics into animals, especially camels, and giving animals stimulant drugs for growth or for when participating in races.

“The ministry aims through these procedures to prevent any practices that harm animals in accordance to the GCC Animal Welfare Act, and penalties will be applied on violators to ensure the implementation of its provisions,” a ministry statement said.

Date: 24 july 2018
Source: http://www.arabnews.com/node/1344246/saudi-arabia