Man feeds wild lioness with his hands

How many of us can even think of doing what this man is doing so fearlessly in the video? Even coming across a lion can make one shiver, but this man seems to be playing with the wild beast — comfortably sitting on a chair, offering it a bait.

The video showing the man feeding the lioness with his hands has gone viral. It was reportedly recorded in Gujarat’s Gir forest range.

The man doesn’t simply give the lioness its meal, he entices the hungry beast with the chicken, pulls the poor bird away and then brings it closer, until the wild animal catches the bird and takes it away.
But this is not the first time someone was arrested for illegally feeding a wild animal.

Earlier, one similar video showing a man feeding a lion had gone viral following which seven men were arrested.

Last months, at least 23 lions died in Gir in an unusual series of deaths that forced the Gujarat Forest Department to undertake a massive survey in order to identify and treat sick lions.

The Gujarat High Court had questioned if illegal lion shows, during which the big cats are fed chicken, could to be to blame for the animals falling prey to viral infections.

In the world, Asiatic lions are found only in Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat. Casually dealing with the felines could be a cause of worry, given that there are only hundreds of them.

Date: 26 oct 2018
Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/watch-man-feeds-lion-with-his-hands-1375801-2018-10-26