Monkeys raid homes, fear bites residents

CHANDIGARH: The simian scare has run through the PGI, Panjab University, and sectors 15, 43, and 8, were stepping out of home can be dangerous.

Residents welfare associations are tired of reporting the problem. Sector-15 RWA president Surinder Sharma said: “Monkeys barge into our homes, rummage through the refrigerators, and open the rooftop water taps.” Former municipal councilor Satinder Singh said: “Earlier, we had langurs to chase away the monkeys until some animal activists intervened and we had to let go of those rescue animals.”

Panjab University officials have asked the municipal corporation to take some action. Simian invasion is worst on this campus, but nothing much can be done. Environment science professor Suman Mor, who lives on the campus, said: “Monkeys aren’t going away. We fear to send our children outside to play. Even the elderly feel unsafe walking out alone.”

A forest and wildlife department official said: “The problem will remain as long as people keep feeding monkeys. We were forced to stop hiring langurs after directions from the higher authorities.” There is no end to daily complaints from the PU hostels about monkey attacks. Monkey-bite cases have increased over the year. The medical officer of health in Sector 17 had counted 43 cases in 2016, 73 in 2017, and 76 in 2018. The attacks haven’t stopped.

Forest and wildlife Inspector Ram Kumar said: “Whenever we get a call about monkey invasion on any neighborhood, we send our team of animal catchers to the site. The captured monkeys are released in the forest about 10 kilometers from the city so that they don’t come back.”

Date: 22 Jan 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/monkeys-raid-homes-fear-bites-residents/articleshow/67631580.cms