Next food revolution: Now, lab-grown ‘clean meat’ to enter Indian market soon

HYDERABAD: Hyderabadi mutton and chicken biryani will soon get the ‘clean meat’ boost with the city-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology(CCMB) taking up tissue engineering to produce mutton and chicken on a large commercial scale in its laboratory. The meat will be boneless and without fat.
Clean meat is a meat multiplied in a laboratory from a tissue obtained from either sheep or chicken. The animal tissue keeps on growing fast in the laboratory to meet the commercial demand. The clean meat is really clean as no antibiotics or growth hormones are used unlike in sheep or poultry farming. It will also check cruelty to animals. But, it is not clear whether the clean meat will beat the natural meat in taste. The clean meat may also throw up religious issues as certain religions have strict dietary laws.

The concept of clean meat is fast gaining momentum across the world. Several leading research laboratories have already launched experiments on commercial production of clean meat. Humane Society International-India and CCMB will now jointly develop and promote clean meat.

 The new technology does not require antibiotics, produces no bacterial contamination and ensures the welfare of animals. But it involves use of preservatives as the meat is grown in a lab and outside animal (ex-vivo).

CCMB director Rakesh Mishra said while technology exists to multiply literally any type of cell, scaling it up in an economically affordable manner as a meat substitute remains a major challenge.

HIS-India managing director NG Jayasimha described it as a “history in making.” He said clean meat technology is taking the world by storm with even the biggest meat producers investing in companies developing clean meat.


Date: 30 March 2018