NGO rescues 6-ft-long crocodile

Agra: A six-feet-long injured crocodile was rescued on Thursday after terrified villagers in Allampoor village near Agra found it in the fields.

Wildlife SOS’ branch in Agra got a frantic call from the Forest Section Officer in Allampoor village after villagers spotted the reptile. The crocodile is currently undergoing treatment at a rescue centre run by Wildlife SOS in the city. The animal will be released once it has recovered completely.

Dr Ilayaraja S, senior veterinarian at Wildlife SOS, said, “An examination of the animal reveals severe injuries to the head, spine and one hind limb, but luckily there are no fractures. The wounds were cleaned and dressed with an antiseptic solution. All necessary treatment is being carried out.”

Forest section officer (FSO) Mahesh Dutt Sharma, who made the call, explained how the crocodile might have reached the village: “Small channels have been diverted from the stream near the village to irrigate the village fields. Faced with increasing biotic pressure in its natural environment, the crocodile probably wandered into the village through one such channel in search of easy prey.”

Date: 12/10/2015