No case against those who kill rabid dogs: Chennithala

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala on Thursday said that there will be no cases filed against those who kill dangerous and rabies-infected dogs that attack people.

The minister, in a Facebook post, said that though he too is an animal lover and likes to nurture them, he is concerned over the growing instances of rabid dogs attacking people.

“It has evolved into a law and order situation that affects people’s daily lives. Hence, we cannot remain a mute spectator,” Channithala wrote on the social media.

The minister added, “There is nothing wrong in killing dogs that attack people and infect victims with rabies. No action would be taken against those who do so.”

Three persons of ‘Theruvu Naaya Unmoolana Sangam’ (Stray Dog Eradication Group) were arrested in September for allegedly culling four stray dogs in a village at Perumbavoor in Ernakulam district.

The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) had recently asked the Kerala Police to take action against ‘Theruvu Naaya Unmoolana Sangam’ and industrialist Kochouseph Chittilappilly who supported the move.

Chittilappilly recently announced that he will be staging a 24-hour hunger strike protesting the failure of the authorities in tackling the stray dog menace.

In September, the state government had directed civic bodies to take necessary steps to control the violent dogs.

Chief Minister Oommen Chanady had also said that animal birth control, vaccination and providing treatment to dog bite victims were also part of programmes to tackle the issue.

The Kerala government and its tourism sector faced a backlash over the last couple of months through social networking mediums over the stray dog issue in the state, with a group of animal activists and AWBI launching an online campaign calling for boycott of Kerala.

Following this, Kerala Tourism Minister A.P. Anil Kumar said that only the rabid dogs which pose danger to people would be eliminated. He had also termed allegations by animal activists that the state government had decided to cull all stray dogs as ‘baseless’.

Several cases of dog bites have been reported from different parts of the state in recent months. There was public demand even to kill the violent dogs.

Date: 24/10/2015