Noida abattoir firm wants out

Ranchi: The company that won the rights to run and maintain Ranchi Municipal Corporation’s state-of-the art abattoir on the outskirts of the capital in June is thinking of pulling out citing severe losses, its plight aggravated by poor or no implementation of a state government law that bans slaughter of animals in the open.

Sources in the Noida-based Micro Transmission System (MTS) said they had explained their position to RMC a week ago.

“The abattoir has a capacity to slaughter 1,000 goats a day. But we don’t slaughter more than two or three goats a day. Our monthly expenditure on maintenance, operations, salaries is around Rs 15 lakh. We are running up huge losses,” said an MTS official.

MTS bagged maintenance and operation rights of the abattoir, situated at Arsande in Kanke, for two years. As per the agreement with RMC, MTS would have to pay 20 per cent of its income to RMC.

Company sources blamed RMC for the losses, alleging poor implementation of the state law against slaughtering animals in the open.

“Ideally, RMC should enforce the ban on open slaughtering of goats by butchers. RMC had issued a circular on this. But the ban seems to exist only on paper. Hence, no butcher turns up at the abattoir. We charge Rs 120 for slaughtering and processing, besides Rs 30 for delivery in a refrigerator van. Our basic purpose was to provide hygienic meat to Ranchi residents,” said another company staffer.

Sources claimed that from June till date, around 150 goats were slaughtered at the abattoir, the low number preventing MTS from starting the rendering unit – for processing slaughtered animal meat -since it would only add to costs.

MTS operates four meat shops at Morabadi, Kantatoli, Booty More and Madhukam.

RMC commissioner Shantanu Agrahari, who was transferred as deputy commissioner of Palamau on Tuesday, admitted that the company had expressed apprehensions about continuing because of poor response.

“But I have assured the company that RMC will start a drive to enforce the ban on open and unhygienic slaughtering of goats by meat sellers in the capital from September 1. I will inform the new commissioner Manoj Kumar. This state-of-the-art abattoir was a dream project of RMC,” he said.

Date: 30 Aug 2018
Source: https://www.telegraphindia.com/states/jharkhand/noida-abattoir-firm-wants-out-255509