Petizens have won this battle

By Priya Chetty Rajagopal

While a few of us attended court on Thursday only as spectators, we must record our appreciation for the excellent and highly detailed work done by the committed lawyers (also dog-lovers). I must applaud the pragmatismshown by BBMP in agreeing for a more consultative approach to the whole issue surrounding pet ownership.

Now, no one can come near your dog or enter your home, confiscate a dog, check on any breeds. Thanks to the new rule, dogs are neither abandoned nor left in the lurch.

Patience may not have been our strongest suit , but we pet lovers have worked the hardest. Petitions, meeting government officials, social media blasts, solidarity shows, constant conversations and correspondence with bureaucrats, enabling support from BAF, CUPA, FIAPO, PPA and KVC – everything worked in tandem to achieve this success.

Besides 28,000 petitions in change.org, there was 5000-people strong #NotWithoutMyDog Facebook Group. It was even trending!
#DoggedBangalore engaged constantly, came out strongly and fiercely protected beloved pets. While they felt that they had both Right and God on their side , they also had DOG by their side. And that is what drove them relentlessly, and doggedly. This #NotWithoutMyDog campaign is the first-of-its-kind. It has been incredible as it has for the first time created and brought together , a brand new constituency that counts, a demographic that matters — #ThePetizen. And this #Petizen is clearly and legally #LicensedToThrill.

But yes, while this is good news for all pet parents and we can heave a sigh of relief, we must ensure that future bylaws are pragmatically and empathetically formed and that pet owners take their responsibilities and duties also equally seriously.

We want to take the initiative to put together RPP Charter, that’s ‘Responsible Pet Parent Charter’ to ensure that we pet parents behave as model citizens and we respect the feelings of non dog lovers as well.

We are sure that with the new by-laws, we will enter a more transparent and symbiotic partnership with the BBMP on dogs and its care.

Date: 22-June-2018
Source: https://bangaloremirror.indiatimes.com/bangalore/others/petizens-have-won-this-battle/articleshow/64687822.cms