New Delhi, 16th march 2017 : In a latest development to FIAPO’s EndCircusSuffering campaign letters of protest are pouring in from all over the country and abroad to the office of Mr. Anil Madhav Dave, the Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change to stop the abuse of animals in circuses. The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) has united over 100 national and international animal protection organisations including the Asia for Animals coalition, the Born Free Foundation, Four Paws and other giants in animal rights.

FIAPO’s End Circus Suffering Campaign has highlighted cruelty to animals in Indian circuses and helped rehabilitate more than 170 animals so far. The campaign has worked with more than 43 organisations and 120 activists in 16 states so far, to develop a complete picture of the abuse of animals in circuses. The demand for an end on animal circuses comes in the wake of the discovery of abysmal conditions in which animals are kept, transported and trained. All these findings are presented in FIAPO’s report named ‘End Circus Suffering’. Prominent national organisations like Thane SPCA, CUPA, Blue Cross of Hyderabad and HAS have joined the letter writing campaign.

In their letters, the organisations, many of whom have facilitated legislation for protection of circus animals and their rescue in the past, have noted that “The sight of animals performing degrading ‘tricks’ sends completely the wrong message to the general public. At a time when we are all keen to see the better treatment of animals in India, the message from circuses is that animals are there only for our entertainment and we don’t need to consider their welfare. That, especially for young people, is a deeply damaging message which we should be taking bold steps to curtail. We can do that by finally banishing the use of animals in circuses forever.”
Acknowledging the massive support, FIAPO director Arpan Sharma said “This coming together of organisations for a common cause of ending cruelty to circus animals only goes on the re-iterate how the people all over the world feel about it. Circus animals are mistreated extensively and it is only right to put an end to this cruelty. We at FIAPO are happy that all these organisations believe in the work we have done so far and join hands with us to further the movement. We hope that we will be able to further strengthen our voice and reach the right people, who will hopefully listen to us and agree to stop this cruelty.”

Brutality to animals in circuses is not unknown. Various courts throughout the country have ordered seizures of animal from circuses on grounds of cruelty and violations of the law. Further, forest departments and police departments at various locations have had to seize animals on similar grounds. In fact, the CZA and AWBI have cancelled licenses of numerous circuses for repeated violation of rules in the past. FIAPO along with all other organisations would like to urge the ministry to stop the unacceptable and mindless suffering of animals in cages and in the ‘entertainment’ ring.

FIAPO is the collective voice of the animal rights movement in India, it is the catalyst which protects the rights and interests of animals on local, regional and national levels – through education, research, lobbying, mobilization, networking, training and direct action. For the movement, by the movement: FIAPO was created by visionaries in the animal rights movement who saw the strength in unifying to realize their dreams of making India a better place for animals.

Date : 16 Mar 2017