Rajasthan: Deadly heat kills chinkara & laughing dove

The reports of deaths of animals and birds in the state have emerged. In the Nosar village of Lohawat, hundreds of birds of a particular species known as laughing dove have died in past three days. On the other hand, 50 chinkara too lost their lives in the Bhadriya village of Jaisalmer due to getting stuck in the fencing.

After the matter of the death of the birds came to light, a team of doctors of the Animal Husbandry Department reached Nosar village and collected the samples of the dead birds. The samples were then sent for research and the reason of the death will be revealed once the report is out. Although, the doctors are claiming that prima facie it looks that food poisoning could be the cause of the death of the birds.

During the inspection, the team of doctors also collected samples of water from the nearby reservoirs and tubewells. Along with this, the medical team has asked the villagers to consult the physician immediately after complaints like fever or vomiting and diarrhea. Apart from this they also distributed masks among the villagers.

On the other hand, around 50 chinkara died in Jaisalmer, which is considered one of the safest regions for the animal. Excessive heat and thirst are becoming the reasons of the deaths of this rare species of deer. According to the information, the chinkara died after getting stuck in the fencing, while searching for water near Bhadriya village.

When the wildlife lovers reached the location and saw the bodies of the deer, they informed the Forest Officer of the area about the incident. After reaching the spot, the forest officials collected the bodies of the deer and sent them for postmortem.

In addition to the lives lost due to an unfortunate incident, a large number of deer are being hunted down as well. The deer are found in large numbers near the villages of Dholiya, Khetolai and Lathi along with other villages of Desert National Park. At present, deer who are coming in search of water are being poached by hunters.

Date : 14-June-2018
Source :http://www.dnaindia.com/jaipur/report-rajasthan-deadly-heat-kills-chinkara-laughing-dove-2625188