Rare surgery gives new lease of life to calf at GADVASU

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Ludhiana, April 30

A new-born cow calf named ‘Pari’, aged 25 days, was admitted in the surgery division of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana’s Veterinary Hospital, had hard time walking on rear legs since first day after birth. As per owner, Pari was normal at birth but on the next very morning she was found dragging from both rear legs. The calf was keeping her both rear legs flexed and waking in a typical ‘Crouched stance’.
A team of surgeons comprising Dr Ashwani Kumar, Dr Arun Anand and Dr Vandana Sangwan conducted examination, took radiographs and diagnosed ‘Bilateral Lateral Patellar Luxation’ which was a rare condition in cow calf.
After diagnosis, the calf was operated under spinal anesthesia to correct bilateral patellar luxation. It took about 2 hours for successful completion of surgery. The calf was assisted to get up for one day after surgery and later started walking normally and showed an uneventful recovery.
Dr Ashwani Kumar, Associate Professor, said, both patella were placed at an abnormal position and was luxated laterally due to congenital weakness; otherwise bones around the knee joints were normal. During surgical intervention, the patella was released from its outer aspect and sutured on the inner aspect to fix patella to its normal position.
Dr J Mohindroo, Professor-cum-Head, Veterinary Surgery and Radiology claims that this was a rare surgery in cow calf. The department has operated a couple of cases with involvement of one knee but successful surgical management of bilateral patellar luxation is being done for the first time in GADVASU and in India, claimed Dr Mohindroo.
Role of veterinarians is not limited: Dr AS Nanda
World Veterinary Day is celebrated on last Saturday of month of April every year since 2000. Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, also celebrated the day.
Dr AS Nanda, Vice Chancellor, said, celebrating World Veterinary Day is very important . He said the role of veterinarians was not only limited to relieving pain of animals but also help in keeping livestock healthy for better productivity, preventing transmission of diseases from animals to human beings. The veterinary clinic of the university remained open whole day on the World Veterinary Day for the treatment of sick animals.

Date : 1-May-2018
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