Shabana Azmi agrees to not fly kites for centenary celebrations of Kaifi Azmi

Actress and social activist, Shabana Azmi, has decided not to fly kites on the occasion of centenary celebrations of her poet father, Kaifi Azmi, on January 14, after receiving a heartfelt message from an animal rights group which highlighted how birds suffer due to the human activity of flying kites.

The Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organizations (FIAPO) is glad that Shabana heeded to their urgent plea of canceling flying of hundreds of kites. FIAOPO had earlier written to her not to fly kites since such actions are gravely harming the birds in the sky.

In a text reply sent to TOI on Saturday, Shabana Azmi stated: “We took note of their (FIAPO’s) letter and canceled the kite flying, and have advised the various cities to just use them for decoration

Azmi also replied to FIAPO stating that she and others will be feeding birds while celebrating the birth centenary of the legendary poet.

“We all are very happy and relieved that Shabana ji has agreed to cancel the kite flying at various places like Azampur, Kanpur etc in order to safeguard the birds. She is a respected crusader of various social causes, and now we are glad that she has also taken up this cause for animal rights. Every year during Makar Sankranti, hundreds of birds are injured and killed by getting entangled in the thread or manja that is used to fly kites,” said a FIAPO member.

In the open letter to Shabana Azmi, a FIAPO coordinator had earlier stated: “Birds depict life, freedom, and happiness, the emotions Kaifi ji held close to his heart. With your dedication to support social causes like AIDS Awareness, girl education and empowerment of women, we are sure you would not want to cause any harm to the life of birds on this celebratory occasion.”

Interestingly, Shabana’s positive response to FIAPO on Saturday concluded with these famous lines of Kaifi Azmi: “Koi to sood chukaye / Koi to zimma le / Uss Inquilab ka / Jo aaj tak udhaar sa hai (Will someone pay up the interest / Will someone take up the responsibility / Of that Revolution / Which is currently like a borrowed loan).”

Date: 12 Jan 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/shabana-azmi-agrees-to-not-fly-kites-for-centenary-celebrations-of-kaifi azmi/etarticleshow/67503469.cms?utm_source=email&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=TOIMobile