Stray animals disrupt traffic in the city

Visakhapatnam: Stray cattle, dogs, and pigs have been hindering the flow of traffic on some stretches on the NH-16 and the Beach Road in Vizag city, testing the balancing skills of motorists. Motorists say that the movement of stray animals on the roads was one of the reasons for bad traffic and road accidents.
Cattle, dogs, and pigs can be seen crossing the roads at Anandapuram, Marikavalasa, Boyavanipalem, Kommadi, Madhurawada, and Yendada, on NH-16, and at Appughar, Bheemili, Arilova, and other areas. The animals pose a threat to motorists, particularly two-wheeler riders, says D Sudharkar, a motorist.

Sources said that the presence of cattle sheds close to NH-16 made cattle movement on the roads a common sight. Pig menace on the roads is considerable in Kommadi and Madhurawada.

Often, buffaloes appearing before vehicles lead to accidents on the NH-16. Low visibility after evening makes it difficult to identify stray animals on the road and especially between Anandapuram and Yendada, where the menace is greater, said a traffic police officer. Around 5 percent of road accidents are caused due to stray cattle, pigs, and dogs, and though these accidents were non-fatal, in some instances the animals were killed, he added.

Currently, the veterinary wing of the GVMC imposes a fine of Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 per buffalo or cow on the owners after impounding the cattle. However, given the current state of infrastructure, staff in the civic body find it difficult to keep the city free of stray cattle.

Admitting the menace on the NH-16 stretch, Inspector of North Traffic Circle, RVVS Chandrasekhar, said the GVMC would form special teams to curb the stray cattle menace between Anandapuram and Yendada. He added that counseling owners to mitigate the movement of stray cattle was also planned.

Date: 09 Feb 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/visakhapatnam/stray-animals-disrupt-traffic-in-the-city/articleshow/67906942.cms