Stray cat tied up starved and burnt to death in Oshiwara

MUMBAI: A stray was burnt to death by an unidentified person in Oshiwara. Local activists informed the police about the “ghastly killing” and a panchnama was conducted.

The cat was trussed up and left in a secluded corner behind Gamdevi building and starved for at least a day, said Sanjeev Chopra who feeds stray animals in. “It tried to wriggle free, but couldn’t as its hind limbs were tied with a plastic rope. A bonfire of twigs was lit and the cat burnt alive mercilessly,” he said.

He said that he has received complaints about residents in that locality beating up stray animals. “The assaults have even left some animals with fractures,” he said.

Hema Chowdhary of Bezubaan Public Welfare Trust, who is also a complainant in the case, said there are no cameras around the spot where the cat was burnt. She said that the carcass has been sent to the animal hospital in Parel for an autopsy.

Chowdhary told TOI that it was heart-rending to see other stray cats in that building circle around the dead cat as if in mourning. “They kept mewing around it, refusing to let go of the dead one.”

Senior inspector Shailesh Pasalwar said a call about lodging a criminal offense will be taken when the autopsy report is out.

Chintan Naik, a clinical psychologist, told TOI that people who indulge in such behavior display an “abnormal psychological pattern”, considering that they derive pleasure in troubling a living being. “This behavior is certainly abnormal for society at large.”

Date: 04 dec 2018
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/stray-cat-tied-up-starved-and-burnt-to-death-in-oshiwara/articleshow/66928613.cms