Stray cattle menace continues unabated in city, issue widely debated on social media

Tribune News Service
Jalandhar, March 29

The menace of stray cattle is now not limited to streets or roads. It has now become the most discussed issue on social media as well. The smart and vigilant youngsters are posting and sharing images of stray cattle causing inconvenience to the commuters and the problem is not new, many times this issue has been raised but no active action was taken. The situation is still the same.

Where ‘Protect the Animals’ is viral on social media, one of the Facebook post by Mohit Rubel reads , — “BMC Chowk , which is considered as one of the most busiest routes in the city, always has one or the other kind of hindrance and cattle sitting amidst the road is not new. It further reads, “While on my way back to home, I confronted a cow standing scared and confused about which way to go as every path seems to be the same.

Anything could have happened not only to the cow but also to the people crossing the road, but nobody bothered about giving it a way to avoid any mishap. Forget about the authorities and Municipal Corporation who have become indolent about resolving the cause, we the people need to take some steps to eradicate the menace”.

On the other hand, people like Hemant Prashar are setting examples in the society, from past twelve years he has been engaged in protecting stray cattle and providing shelter to these animals. He, along with few other members, have been running ‘Gobind Gau Dham Gaushala’ near Lambra village, which not only provide shelter to these cattle but also keeps proper maintenance of fodder for their abandoned animals.

Reports present a grim picture

There are around 1.1 lakh stray cattle across the state and the district shares a good portion. Around 300 deaths occur mostly due to road mishaps as per the reports by Punjab Gau Seva Commission.

Date: 30 March 2018