Students join efforts to curb animal rights violations

COIMBATORE: Students in the city have joined hands with People for Animals to check transport of cattle violating animal rights laws. On Sunday, in coordinated effort, two trucks transporting a total of 36 cattle were intercepted by the students at Ganapathypalayam near Erode.

Police booked cases against the two truck drivers and arrested them, who were transporting the cattle from Andhiyur market to Kerala. “The cattle have been sent to a goshala,” said a police officer.

“While law says only six cattle should be transported in a truck, the one we seized had 22,” said Sunitha Christy from People for Animals.

Sunitha said that the students from various colleges in Coimbatore, Pollachi and Erode had received information that cattle were transported in an inhuman way from Gobichettipalayam and Andhiyur regions to Kerala and Karnataka. Since the Andhiyur cattle market was on Sunday, the students landed up there early in the morning.

“The students kept track of the inhuman treatment meted out to the cows at the market. They had also videographed the torture meted out to the animals by cattle traders. When the cattle were dumped into the trucks, the students noted down the truck numbers and passed them on to another team who were waiting at Ganapathypalayam,” said Sunitha Christy.

One of the trucks was intercepted in the afternoon at Ganapathypalayam by the team of students led by Christy. They informed the police and revenue officials who rushed to the spot. As the trucker attempted to argue with the animal rights activists, another truck came and was blocked. They soon agreed to hand over the cattle to the police.

“One of truck had 22 cattle and the other had 14. They neither had the medical certificate for the cattle to deem them fit for slaughter,” said a student. The students said that they would continue to keep track of the cattle markets in the region.

Date: 7/10/2015