Supreme Court refuses interim stay on ‘Kambala’ race in Karnataka

On the ground of cruelty being meted out to the animals, NGO FIAPO has filed the plea opposing the state government’s bill to legalise the traditional buffalo race “Kambala” and bullock cart races in Karnataka. The Kambala race, held between November and March, involves a pair of buffaloes tied to a plough and anchored by one person. They are made to run in parallel muddy tracks in a competition in which the fastest team wins. It is believed to be held to propitiate the gods for a good harvest, besides being a recreational sport for farmers. PETA has also opposed Kambala on grounds of cruelty to animals and said the agitators have taken a leaf out of pro-jallikattu protesters’ book and called for banning the sport.

Source : https://www.oneindia.com/india/supreme-court-refuses-interim-stay-on-kambala-race-in-karnataka-2639951.html