Thane Session Court rejects bail to accused for making bombs to hunt animals

The Thane Session’s Court recently rejected a bail application filed by an agriculturalist and a fisherman, who claimed that they had made 290 explosive but not to hurt humans and rather to attack wild animals for hunting. The court in its orders held that the accused many not have had the intention to hurt humans, but it definitely had the intention to hurt animals, which amounts to cruelty against wildlife.

The court, in its order copy while rejecting the bail application, held, “The found explosive bombs worth Rs 2,32,000, had pieces of coins, glass and splinter, which were dangerous to human life. The offense is a serious one. Meanwhile, the stand taken by the defense of the accused using these explosives during the killing of wild animals like wild pig, deer, etc is an offense itself under Wild Animal Protection Act. Accused were using hand­made bombs for maiming or causing injuries to the wild animals. It means, they used it for hunting by using such bombs.”

The Thane police on March 25, 2018, had arrested Pravin Patil and Ramesh Pawar after Pravin was found in possession with 290 hand­made bombs worth Rs 2,32,000. They were arrested under the Indian Explosive Substance Act. According to the prosecution’s case, Pravin had purchased explosives from Ramesh Pawar, who is the maker of the said bomb. The accused in his bail application said that they are agriculturist and fishermen. “The bombs were not dangerous to human life. They were to be used to cause injury to the animals like a wild pig. No animal can maim by it,” read the bail application.

The accused, an agriculturist and a fisherman, claimed they had made 290 explosives but not to target humans and rather to kill wild animals for hunting.

Date: 24 April 2018