The Biggest Vegan Fest of the Country, Pune Vegan Fest Benchmarks Vegan Festivals

The second edition of the Pune Vegan Fest, held on 4th & 5th March 2017, saw a myriad of events, activities and shopping opportunities ranging from health products, apparel, cosmetics, household products, this 2 day festival showcased, as well as benchmarked new age veganism in India! Veganism is not the rocket science people make it out to be, it’s a way of celebrating life, all life! Staying true to its intent, this strikingly woven festival organised by Living Free Pune, was not only to celebrate cruelty free living, but also promote upcoming cruelty free business ventures by way of networking and endorsing. With partnerships from pioneer brands and venues, this year had 35 vegan stalls and a footfall of over 3,000 people!

Date : 07 Mar 2017