The Relationship Between Yellow Journalism and the Human-Dog Conflict

In a classic example of “sensationalizing journalism” a writer from a reputed media house recently wrote an article, capitalising on human fears and horrors of dogs by referring to street dogs as a “menace,” by using the word “feasting” in an unsupported accusation of dog mauling, and by not mentioning crucial problem for dogs. Such problems might include uncontrolled garbage as a factor contributing to the current population, loss of habitat, two and three-fold growth in automobile traffic over the last few years and basic lack of integrity on the part of the Amritsar Municipal Corporation to sterilize street dogs in Amritsar. Not just this, similar cases of the human-dog confict seeing an uglier turn due to the media’s irrational sensationalism, similar case in Bareily was reported too(http://www.fiapo.org/newsandevents/14012/) , resulting in the possibility of rise in vigilantes; FIAPO gauged the potential outbreak and wrote to the concerned ministry to implement ABC programmes with immediate effect. A similar situation was to be seen in Amritsar’s Tarn Tara District too(Read more: http://bit.ly/2mhMMj1)We also intervened when in Lucknow, the media reported the illegal dislocation street drive-and the Municipal Corporation washed hands off the reported allegations. It appears to FIAPO, the hungry media adds to people’s fears rather than alleviating it through information and solutions. On the flipside, the media also reported complaints from an animal protection activist in Visakhapatnam is shedding light on the heartbreaking dog cruelties, violations of law and gross mismanagement of an ABC programme run by the Vizag Municipal Corporation( More information: http://bit.ly/2lX8reD)