The Tale of the Cat-astrophic Science Experiment for Young School Children!

After the horrifying incident of a fatal cat experiment in an environmental studies textbook for 4th class children came up, asking children as young as 9 years to suffocate a cat on the pretext of understanding the importance of breathing! FIAPO immediately took to action, reaching out to the publication house- PP Publications to remove the illegal (and unethical) content advocating for a cruel experiment on kittens.The threatened publication house was quick to promise us with:

  • Withdraw the publication from the distributors
  • Not sell from the existing stock
  • Not reprint the same content for the next academic year

Mindfulness of things published about animals, especially something unethical and illegal and be mindful of people’s sentiments.
In its latest development, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will review textbooks of private publishers taught in its affiliated schools. Read about the whole incident here: http://www.fiapo.org/newsandevents/need-air-for-life-to-find-out-put-kitten-in-a-box-says-textbook/