TN AH dept issue new directives to improve welfare conditions of dairy animals

The Tamil Nadu Animal Husbandry Department has issued directives to ensure that dairies in the state end animal exploitation. The guidelines were issued to all Regional Joint Directors to have regulations in place to deal with urban dairies and also the cooperatives which source milk from cattle owners. This is a welcome step and it came in response to “CATTLE-OUGE”, a national investigative report released by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) highlighting the cruelty to animals in dairies.

Released in October 2017, FIAPO’s investigative report had revealed how most cows raised in dairies were tensively confined, leaving them unable to fulfill their most basic natural needs, such as nursing their calves, and are treated like milk producing machines– genetically manipulated, pumped with antibiotics and hormones in order to produce more milk. While cows suffer in such set ups, humans, who drink their milk, increase their chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other ailments, a FIAPO release said on Wednesday.

Source : https://www.netindia123.com/articles/showdetails.asp?id=3276388&n_date=20180214&cat=India