Two tigers sighted near Ghugus

Chandrapur: Sighting of two tigers close to Zilla Parishad school in Nakoda village near industrial town Ghugus, 20km from the nearest forest, put the forest department and local police on the toes on Wednesday. It is the second instance of tiger sighting in Nakoda after nearly four months.

A bunch of high school students of ZP Telugu school had gone to answer nature’s call during lunch break and sighted the tigers near the compound wall. They rushed back to the school and informed teachers. Alarmed teachers put all the students inside the classrooms and closed the doors for safety and also alerted Ghugus police station. PSO Satyajeet Amle immediately dispatched a team to the area and secured the premises, before the students were sent back home.

After getting information, a team of foresters rushed from Chandrapur range office. The team searched the surrounding area and burst firecrackers to scare the tigers away. “Though there are talks of the sighting, we have failed to find any pugmarks in the area. However, we are not taking any chances as there had been sighting of a tiger in the area on earlier occasion. Camera traps have been placed surrounding the school to confirm the tiger presence,” said RFO, Chandrapur, Sandeep Thipe.

Earlier, a sub-adult tiger from Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station bidding for dispersal was sighted near Nakoda in October 2018. However, the big cat had returned to CSTPS after venturing some distance away. Sources claimed that tigers sighted today are not from CSTPS, but are those that have been earlier sighted roaming in the patch of Sakharwahi, Tadali, and Vichoda. Just 10km away from this place is Nakoda and Ghugus where although there is no forest at all, it has a good cover of Prosopis shrubs in WCL area which proves to be a shelter for wild animals.

Date: 21 Feb 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/two-tigers-sighted-near-ghugus/articleshow/68087019.cms