Uttar Pradesh police go on a ‘buffalo hunt’ after BJP MLA files ‘missing complaint’

Sitapur: Looks like no matter which political party is in power, ‘missing buffaloes’ are always a source of trouble for the Uttar Pradesh police.

UP police has been tasked to find the two buffaloes of BJP MP Suresh Rahi from Hargaon district in Sitapur district who went missing last night.

Rahi filed a complaint at the Kotwali police station, following which the police formed teams to nab the thieves and to find the missing beasts.

According to the MLA, the two buffaloes were worth Rs one lakhs and hence he had to register a complant with the police.

Interestingly, the state cops were tasked with a similar ‘buffalo hunt’ back in 2014, when Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan, who was also a powerful minister in the state cabinet at the time, filed a case after his buffaloes went missing as well.

At the time, the police department had to face flak from opposition parties who opined that the police who are supposed to maintain the law and order of the state were busy looking for ‘missing animals’.

Date: 3 Dec 2017

Source: http://www.timesnownews.com/india/video/uttar-pradesh-police-missing-buffaloes-bhartiya-janata-party-mla-suresh-rahi-sitapur-azam-khan-samajwadi-party/138435