Vegetarianism is important, credit India for it, says Dalai Lama

PRAISING INDIA for advocating vegetarianism, Tibetan spiritual leader The Dalai Lama said on Friday that all living beings must be respected. He added that vegetarianism is important as animals and fish are getting exploited every day.

“In aeroplanes, I see a lot of poultry being offered as meat. Earlier, animals would not be killed much but the rate has increased after economic development,” he said.

Maintaining that vegetarianism is important because all livings beings have a life, he said: “We have stopped using non-veg food in the Tibetan monastery institution. We must respect all forms of life. India’s vegetarianism is very important. “

Later, a guest asked The Dalai Lama how technology can help mixed civilisations like India, Egypt and China. While maintaining that he does not believe in Artificial Intelligence, the Dalai Lama said: “Many moderns scientists do not accept the importance of mind as compared to brain. Both brain and mind affect our consciousness. I do not believe in Artificial Intelligence. A Japanese scientist once believed that brain is more important than consciousness. While earlier in 20th century, they did not accept the importance of minds, now they do.”

Nobel Prize recipient John C Mather, who also participated in the event, spoke about the working of telescopes.

Date: 15 dec 2018
Source: https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/mumbai/vegetarianism-is-important-credit-india-for-it-says-dalai-lama-5494676/