Woman of steel has room for 1,000 dogs in posh Chhatarpur farmhouse

A posh farmhouse in the Chhatarpur area of South Delhi has been home to over a thousand stray dogs and the same number of other animals including cows, donkeys and pigs. The owner of the farmhouse, Rita Singh has been serving these four-legged animals for over 35 years now and for the cause, she said she has even divorced her husband after he opposed to the idea of keeping stray dogs at the farmhouse.

The farmhouse named ‘Krishna Ashram’spread across 2.5 acre in Chhatarpur was started with five stray dogs, after Singh decided to help the stray dogs in her locality get a better life. But soon, the number of stray dogs started to increase and today it stands at over a thousand.

Apart from dogs, Krishna Ashram is also home to over a thousand other animals, most of them being cows, who were termed useless by the milkmen after they could not produce milk or suffered broken bones.

The ashram is being funded solely by Singh with a little help from her company MESCO Steel, which as part of Corporate Social Responsibility has been serving the ashram. “Average expenses of the ashram for a month racks up to about Rs 25 lakh and that all is being paid by me and my company, however, at the age of my retirement I feel we need to open our gates for donation as well,” Singh said.

Over 150 volunteers along with four veterinary doctors are always present at the ashram to look after the four-legged creatures. The volunteers also help the ashram get new members and find people who can adopt the dogs. Talking to DNA, Singh said, “Our sole motive is to serve the stray in need, but we welcome anyone wants to adopt these little lives. However, by far the results of adoption have been discouraging as people come and adopt puppies but as the puppy grows, it is sent back to us.”

Singh is now looking to get better doctors who can bring ideas to cure spinal injuries of the animals as she feels most of the animals on streets are left to die because of the spinal injuries suffered after violent attacks by the humans.

Date: 2 April 2018