World’s 1st Vegan to Climb Mt. Everest, KuntalJoisher joins FIAPO’s Don’t Get Milked Campaign

Breaks dairy myths and urges youth to question the lies being fed by the dairy industry

Delhi, 18th February 2017: Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), India’s apex animal rights organization, today announced the coming on-board of vegan celebrity, KuntalJoisher, who is the first vegan globally to scale the heights of the world’s highest peak- Mt. Everest, for its ‘Don’t Get Milked campaign.

The campaign aims to showcase the reality of the dairy industry and question the lies that the world of dairy marketing has been propagating around a healthy cow, happily providing her milk for human consumption. FIAPO has earlier done an investigation around “The state of Dairy Cattle in Rajasthan”, that had revealed some shocking truths. Among other things, the evidence showed indiscriminate use of banned and illegal drugs such as Oxytocin for increasingand releasing huge quantities of milk, lack of basic infrastructure, food and veterinary care for thecattle and violation of the Slaughter Rules, 2001 by selling calves as young as one month and old,infirm animals for slaughter.

Varda Mehrotra, Director, FIAPO, said that “In the last decade there has been a tremendous shift in how cattle is perceived. They have become mere milking machine but we are not shown the real picture of how the animals are abused. Moreover, we are fed blatant lies about milk being healthy and important for consumption. Don’t Get Milked asks a simple question of how milk of one animal can be healthy for the consumption of another? We do not see piglets or puppies any other species drinking milk from other animals.We are certain that with a powerful influencerlike Kuntalcoming on board, we will be able to break some of the myths surrounding milk and milk consumption.” Added, Ms. Mehrotra

Mr. KuntalJoisher is the world’s first vegan to scale the mammoth heights of the Mt. Everest. On being part of the campaign, he shared that “I am mountaineer by passion and a vegan because of compassion. I am delighted to be a part of the campaign because I want to let people know that physical strength and stamina has nothing to do with consumption of milk. My diet constitutes of only plant based cruelty-free food and I have been able to survive and climb mountains based on it!”

“Getting such inspirational people on board for the Don’tGetMilked campaign will definitely motivate the youth of India to think and question the ‘white lies’ and choose compassion by using dairy alternatives in their diets instead of the mythical glass of liquid white gold and understand the true benefits of a plant based diet. If someone can climb Mt. Everest, someone can reduce risk of cancer or diabetes, someone can become a fitness coach on a plant based diet, and then what’s stopping us from ditching dairy?” questioned Ms. Mehrotra

Date : 20 Feb 2017