Wounded Nilgai rescued from south Delhi park

NEW DELHI: A nilgai, spotted regularly in south Delhi’s Sarvodaya Enclave for the past three months, was rescued by wildlife officials on Wednesday. The animal was found in a wounded state in one of the local DDA parks in the area.
The animal was presumed to have come to the locality from the nearby Sanjay Van. Residents had, in the past, registered several complaints with the wildlife department and Wildlife SOS — an NGO that rescues animals in NCR.

People also took to Twitter, asking for help in moving the animal to a safer location as it would often end up on the streets in front of their cars. Sunit Arora, a resident tweeted in November: “For the last three days, a frightened nilgai is roaming around Sarvodaya Enclave. Can someone help? Please RT @Manekagandhibjp @ArvindKejriwal.”

Shefali Mittal, general secretary at of Sarvodaya Enclave RWA, said the animal was injured and may have been hurt through a barbed wire fence. “Residents made a call to Wildlife SOS to rescue the nilgai, meanwhile it was fed by the locals,” said Mittal.

A wildlife SOS rescue official said the animal was safely rescued by a team that first cleared the area before approaching the animal. It was successfully subdued by the team before being transferred to a vehicle. The nilgai was later released into the wild again. “The animal was checked for injuries and released into the wild after it was cleared by the medical team,” said a wildlife SOS spokesperson.

Nilgai is a protected species under Schedule III of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

Date: 17 Jan 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/wounded-nilgai-rescued-from-south-delhi-park/articleshow/67564133.cms