How does FIAPO choose campaigns?

FIAPO sees campaigns as a vehicle of progressive change for animals within set boundaries. The focus of all our campaigns is to ensure that the rights of all animals are respected, promoted, protected and fulfilled.

Broadly, we work by evaluating gaps that exist within the animal rights movement and then we aim to bridge those gaps through both time tested as well as innovative methods.

FIAPO chooses campaigns based on the following criteria:

  1. Number of Animals: We choose to work on issues that involve a high number of animals so that we deliver impact on areas that deserve it the most.
  2. Leveraging Existing Resources: If people are already committed to an existing cause, then we work towards enriching solutions to that problem area – for example-street dog sterilisation.
  3. Leverage: Continuous victories help develop momentum that can lead to bigger wins and set precedent for years to come.
  4. Previously Neglected Problem: If a problem is big but has not been picked up by existing organisations, then that’s something we work actively on.
  5. Compliance with FIAPO’s mission: To advocate for animal rights, build the capacity of upcoming and existing organisations and activists and to create a high impact, well networked movement. These ideals must resonate through any work we take up.

Post the identification of a need to run a campaign, FIAPO creates a proposal of the way the campaign would act, and the funds required to meet the end goal. With the proposal in place, we then approach individuals and corporate companies for contributions, so as to meet the end goal of animal protection in the country.

Our Campaigns