How does FIAPO choose campaigns?

FIAPO chooses campaigns which provide the best chance of serving multiple purposes simultaneously in order to increase that capacity to realise and care that all animals are sensitive; each animal being has a right to experience the wonder of life.

FIAPO’s Board of Trustees takes inputs and makes annual decisions about which campaigns to run. Inputs come from FIAPO’s members, friends, trustees, staff and experts in animal protection throughout India and the world.
Campaigns are chosen based on which help bring changes for one species or situation, while at the same time “leveraging” or opening up possible victories for other animals of different species or situations. Leveraging animal issues is essential in order to sensitise the public to the concept that all animal abuse is unacceptable. By focusing exclusively on one species without an eye toward leveraging, we miss opportunities to help the community see the common link of exploitation of the fragile or vulnerable by the strong and dominant.

FIAPO takes inputs and discusses campaign ideas with an eye towards:

  1. Objective number of animals who can be helped in a specific time-frame
  2. Implications about what those numbers can do to make visible the plight of other animals
  3. Using or leveraging existing resources: are there already people committed to a cause such as street dog sterilisation? If so, this adds value to a campaign for ABC/AR.
  4. Asking: can we win? If victory is within reach, it helps build momentum for other campaigns. Momentum is leverage. It’s good for the animals who win; it’s good for the next campaign.
  5. Is it a previously neglected problem? An issue such as vanishing ocean species might be highlighted to leverage the effects of pollution and fishing throughout India’s waterways.
  6.  Does a campaign comport with FIAPO’s mission to advocate for animals, build the capacity of good work by existing and new organisations, spark networking? These must be strengthened through each campaign, because this is the reason FIAPO exists.

Each year the board thoroughly reviews suggested campaigns in the light of considerations such as these above. When the campaigns are selected by the Board of Trustees with advice from staff and other experts in the field, time and financial resources are allocated to the campaign. Meeting quarterly, the board reviews progress in each campaign and modifies resourcing as necessary.