Overfishing in Odisha, a massive danger to fish in Indian waters

It has been brought to light that the population of native fish species like Hilsa, Pohola, Kerandi and Mahurali has rapidly declined in the rivers and lakes of Odisha due to overfishing. Until now no action has been taken to control the decline of the fish population which can be harmful for the aquatic ecosystem.

FIAPO has asked the Department of Fisheries and Animal Resource Development to take urgent action to save these species from extinction and prohibit fishing of these native species especially during the breeding season in order to allow the fish to naturally grow their population.

In order to stabilise the fish population, fishing in the rivers and lakes of Odisha, especially, during the breeding season must be banned. There is an urgent need to ensure that the natural migration of fish takes place without any human interference.
To read the letter sent to Department of Fisheries and Animal Resource Development, click here