• Entered amount is in Indian Rupees and numeric only.
  • Do not put in any currency sign like Rs. etc.

What happens when I click Donate Now?
When you click on the Donate button, you will be directed to the CCAvenue Payment Gateway, where the transaction will be processed.

Is this transaction secure?
Yes. Each transaction uses the SSL protocol to encrypt and carry out transactions. Learn more about SSL

Can I use debit cards/internet banking besides credit cards?
Yes. CCAvenue supports a number of platforms. Debit cards, major credit cards, internet banking services, cash cards and mobile payments are supported. Click Here to view complete list

What currency can I pay in ?
You pay in Indian Rupees , if you are foreign national , you can Convert your preferred currency to Indian Rupees - Click Here

I am facing issues while donating through the website 
You can Contact US at mail@fiapo.org